Surfer Dog / サーファー犬

This dog always comes to the beach in a yellow Jeep and it is always where the best waves of the day are , so if you want to know where  has good waves, follow the dog.

Photographer's Eyes / カメラマン の 目

Thanks Tato for this beautiful photo . My self  in action .


Camaleon Photo Art New Logo


多くの会話とテスト後、私はルスィア-ノ デザイナーと一緒に 今後カメレオンフォトアートに使用されるロゴを完成させました。



ルスィア-ノ デザイナーのペ-ジ:


After many conversations and tests in conjunction with the designer Luciano , we decided the logo will be used in 2010 for Camaleon Photo Art.
The logo shows a diaphragm of a camera on the right side and a chameleon on the left, with the name Camaleon Photo Art at the top of the photographer name on the bottom, both in circular shapes that complet each other , making the shape of the human eye is seen as a whole.
All merit of this logo should be given to the designer Luciano, who has worked for months over this idea until he reachs the final result. For people or companies interested in having the graphic work of Luciano , visit his page and feel free to contact him.


Good Shot - Omaezaki Area / 御前崎 エリア

2010/1/23 Omaezaki Area /御前崎 エリア

Photos by Pedro Gomes




John`s Ear Candy / ジョン ウォートンのオススメMusic (Linton Kwesi Johnson)

I am back in Oz and the weather is so nice Today I went for a ride on my new bike and listened to LKJ. Linton Kwesi Johnson is a British dub poet , he is a very cool dude with smooth style Sometimes very dark , other times humorous I like him very much maybe you`ll like him too ..Listen , as always turn the bass up he has a wicked bass man........Dub forever John.

This weeks Aussie slang woop woop ( Toii tokoro, inaka )
as in ,
Where the bloody hell is Uluru (Ayers Rock) ?
Miles from here mate, way out woop woop.



Yoga for Life

I just started taking Yoga lessons , and I can say it's great, I recommend to anyone at any age.


Skate Session in Fuji ( Paredão ) / スケートセッション フジ

Skaters : Thiago Wave , Renan , Led and Cabeça / スケート:チアゴ波、ルナン、レーディと カベサ。

Video by Marinho

John`s Ear Candy / ジョン ウォートンのオススメMusic(Dub Fx)

Dub Fx (Benjamin Stanford ) is a world wide street performer and studio recording artist from St Kilda, Melbourne , Australia .
His trademark is the use of loop and effect pedals combined with his voice , He creates intricate hip hop ,reggae and drum and bass rhythms . Some of his music is referred to as dubstep.
His lyrics are real and relevant to our times .
I think he is a very cool Aussie , he puts a lot into his music and he deserves to get something back , if you like what you hear you can purchase it here . http://www.dubfx.net/
Beat boxing really isn't my thing but this guy takes it to another level.
This is what old school hip hop was about ,taking it to the streets and keeping it real not like the crap we hear on the radio nowadays .
This weeks slang , "Up yourself " Having a large ego. As in....
Hey Kayne west you are so Up yourself and you music really sucks big time .
... I`m gone .. Off to Australia for 3 months of surf and summertime vibes ........
Enjoy music , make music , get involved with music........John ;)


2010/1/14 Shizuoka Area / 静岡 エリア


Summer in Brazil / ブラジルの夏


During winter in Japan , is summer in Brazil ( I wish to be there ), My friend and Photogrpher Douglas Ruffo gave us this beautiful photos of Brazilian summer( Sao Paulo North Shore ) . Also Thanks Takashi Fininho for the Japanese translation .

Photos by Douglas Ruffo


Waiting Period / 待機期間

Please end this winter soon ./ この冬にすぐに終了します。


John`s Ear Candy / ジョン ウォートンのオススメMusic(Skream )

Akemastite Omedetou Gozaimasu mina san !
First post for the year.
Skream , aka Oliver Jones. Born England age 23
Dj , musician and producer.
Makes wicked Dubstep , started producing music using fruity loops software in his bedroom at the age of 15 and is now one of the best dubstep producers around.
His music is melodic and dark just the way I like it .
Live he will pick up the bass guitar while djing and jam out.
Now being sort out to do remixes for more famous pop stars , to lend an edge of street cred to their music he will no doubt be around for a while.
Skream has 3 albums out , I have no favourite.
If you listen to Dustep crank up the bass and play it loud.
This weeks slang , DIRTY. To be angry or annoyed about something or with someone.
As in. Michael was so dirty with Pedro for dropping in on his wave , he went to the car park and let down his tyres. Enjoy music and make music peoples John.



Leandro Freda Photographer / レアンドロフリーダ カメラマン

これから僕と同じブラジル出身のLeandro Freda ,が時々ブログに参加してくれる事になります。フレダはブラジルのハイスクールの時からの友人です。当時は僕と彼と何人かでパンクバンドをしていた時もあり今でも彼と楽しかった思い出話をします。彼はハイスクール卒業後フォトとジャーナリズムの大学へ進学しました。大学卒業後はブラジルでフォトの会社を起業しました。http://www.bemnafoto.com.br/        

From now  the best wave report, has a new collaborator , my friend Leandro Freda.

Me and Freda  are friends since the days of high school in Brazil , we had a punk rock band called The Azeittonas, and like me he also was doing body board .

Finished high school , Freda graduated in journalism and photography and after that he acquired the franchise "Bem Na Foto" in Porto Alegre.http://www.bemnafoto.com.br/
In 2007 he decided to go spend some time in Australia and he is there until now.
He will be sending us some pictures  from Australia , such as these ones of this summer in Sydney.
Freda you are very welcome to the Best Wave Report.

Sydney Summer 2010 / シドニー、2010年夏

Photos by Freda


Surf Photo Art - Shida Shita Chiba ( Arashi Kato ) / 志田下千葉県

Tokyo at Night / 東京 夜